“For fairness, sustainability, and for the future.” #GPCONF speech in Brighton, 14th September

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Austerity works, according to our chancellor George Osborne. Austerity works. But apart from the Government’s pals at Wonga, who revealed last week that they make £1 million in profit a week by lending an average of £600 to people the week before payday, who does austerity actually work for?
Certainly not the 13 million people living in poverty in the UK.
Certainly not the half a million people that rely on emergency food handouts to feed themselves and their families.
When I say ‘poverty’, you probably conjure up images of children far away, emotive TV appeals, and ruthless dictators. How many of you think of the homeless that sit outside supermarket entrances and cash machines? How many of you have seen the queue at your local food bank, or even know where it is?
But of course. That’s not poverty. Not in the sixth or seventh richest country in the…

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