Just a short post, beginning with FFS! Very exasperated, very loud!

The Australian Independent Media Network

FFS! Just read this on http://www.news.com.au/

It’s about Abbott’s meeting with Prince Charles. Maybe a Republic will be soon on the agenda.

“While the lunch-table conversation agenda is obviously unknown, it’s likely Mr Abbott’s climate change views which could potential cause a constitutional crisis in Australia will be raised.”

Ok, the first point is that a Double Dissolution is not when the public are disillusioned with both major parties. Neither is it a “constitutional crisis”.

It’s part of the Constitution. It’s there to resolve an impasse like the one that just occurred in the USA where the Tea Party Republicans thought it might be a good idea to just teach this guy in The Whitehorse “some respect”.


I repeat, it is not a crisis!

Rupert Murdoch not getting his own way may seem like a crisis to his toadies and lickspittle such as Bolt.

It’s like…

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