Gay Fantasy: Screwing the straight guy – by Alex Hogan


© 2011 Alex Hogan


Luke works at the desk in front of me.  He’s been here for about a year.  He’s a decent enough guy, if you keep off the topic of sex.  I do; he doesn’t.

He was matey for the first few weeks, inviting me to the hotel across the street for a drink on Fridays after work.  Then he found out I was gay.  He avoided me for about a month, but seemed to forget after that and invited me back to the pub.

Then the gay-jibing started.  Just light-hearted teasing.  I was happy enough with it first; it seemed to indicate he accepted me, and allowed me to be me, to be openly gay.

But I tired of it quickly; the constant ribbing, the constant referrals to how I must be tempted to give him a poke.  He’s lean – works out – has a cute…

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