One thought on “Bethonged Chris Fawcett

  1. The intriguing history of the jockstrap… We have to visit all the way back to the 1870s, and a Mr. Bennett of Chicago, who was simply plainly *very* worried about the particular hurt which cobbled roads were doing to bike courier’s nuts. All of that out of control bouncing about kept him up during the night. Poor Mr. Bennett. Nevertheless fortunately for the bicycle messengers (and also ‘jockeys’), Mr. Bennett got a thought, and that he referred to it as after these individuals. The ‘jock strap’ came into this world. Fast-forward five decades into the 1920s, and a fresh Canadian called Jack Cartlege. Jack beloved his hockey *almost* as much as he adored slipping on his much-loved jock strap, but it wasn’t until one fateful day in 1927 that Jack realized (the hard way!) that his jock strap wasn’t any competition for any hockey puck in the genitals. Jack wasn’t enormously enthusiastic on repeating the experience, and who places blame him, so he came out up with the ingenious idea of slipping a hard mug down the top of his jock strap. The look was rapidly trademarked and development started out. Men do not had to reside in being nervous about a stray puck, ball or studded footwear. Jack’s arrangement of jock strap and protective cup has become the mainstay of boys’ secondary school sports kit throughout the globe for the remainder of the 20th century, right up until underwear makes like Andrew Christian, C-in2 and Addicted started reinventing the typical style. Out gone the unattractive color of off-white as well as the unflattering waistbands, and in came a completely new variety of revolutionary cuts and shapes, and fun colours. These current jock straps are the perfect balance between fashion and function – as great around the track or in a gym as they are under a set of jeans, or suit trousers if you’re game for it. Business right in front, party in the back!


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