Jane Addams – First American Woman Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Lesbian and Social Worker

Gay and Lesbian Love Stories

Jane_addams_stampI have been enamored with the idea of Jane Addams since I was a little girl. Walking by the Jane Addams’ Hull House on Broadway in Chicago, on the way to school, my thoughts wondered about a woman so kind as to open a place specifically for immigrants and other poor people of her day. In 1973, during two teacher’s strikes, lasting twelve and eleven days, I was privileged to go there to take classes being taught by teachers who did not believe students should fall behind. I imagined her to be the strongest woman ever to live. I didn’t know the half of it…

Jane Addams 1860-1935.:

Jane Addams was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and perhaps the most famous social worker from the United States. She was also the lover of women and lived in a Boston Marriage with another woman.

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