The Longevity of a Relationship. The way I see it.



William and myslef have been together nearly 12 years. I was 25 and he was 19 when we met. I never really thought we would make a realtionship long term due to the age difference when we met. How wrong was I. William was a country boy, I was the city boy.

Six months later we moved in. 3 years later we moved out of the city to the peaceful tree filled suburban side of town. Close to where I grew up. All was good, well not so good. We battled to get on with each others families, they both so different.  William also took up a new challenge, drink until you can stand no more. William is an alcoholic. This nearly ended our relationship. And when you least except it, life throws a curve ball. William went to seek help, and has now been sober, close to 7 years…

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One thought on “The Longevity of a Relationship. The way I see it.

  1. That is indeed a lovely story. My companion of 30 years was 13 when I met him and I was 42. The age difference made for some interesting moments. He died last Dec 23, 2014 as the result of a head on car crash. He was a passenger in the front seat. Fortunately, the young lady in the back seat survived as she had a wee small baby which was, fortunately, with grandparents at the time


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