How important is the gym body?



I read a lot. My iPad and myself are best of friends.  I read news, advice columns, home stuff, mostly everything about life. Now I also read a couple of gay blogs and gay websites like   I also have some great friends, some are single and we couples maybe live precarious with the singles.

Now it seems that a lot of the gays guys are also gym addicts. The pressure to have the perfect body. I am not complaining. It’s great eye candy, I myslef am not a stranger with gyms.  I actully do exercise cycling and just starting with a running group.

Now being in a relationship for many years (11 plus), I cannot relate to dating at all. I admit this, and William and myslef do not go to clubs, bars etc at all. So we completely alienated from the gay scene, out of choice. Not that…

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