Ted Cruz Says All WordPress Users Are Gay

The Arm Chair Pontificator

Ted Cruz Gives "The Finger" To WordPress Users Ted Cruz Giving “The Finger” To WordPress Users

Theocrat Town, Texas.   Ted Cruz today released a statement in which he claims all WordPress users are gay.  “Since WordPress allows individuals a platform to express opinions that do not support Jesus, and me, Ted Cruz, his anointed spokesmen on Earth, I must concur, using the powerful brain Jesus gave me, that all WordPress users are gay.   I don’t like gay people and think they’re icky.  To get back at me, they’ve created WordPress to express themselves in ways I, and Jesus, do not condone.  I find this offensive and a horrible violation of my right, as a Christian, to cram my religion up the asses of every man, woman, and child in America.  Once I’m President, I’ll put an end to WordPress, gays, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, poor people, disabled people, liberals and everyone else in America who refuses to…

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