THE PERFECT GUY – by V.S.Santoni


(c) 2017, V.S.Santoni.

  Okay, I’ll admit it. I had a few drinks; I’m never that brave unless I have at least a couple. Well, anyway, I was sitting at the bar while the band was playing this slow, dreamy song, and then I saw him. Now, I’ve seen a lot of good looking guys, even dated a few, but this one– he was gorgeous. The mist from the fog machine was seeping out onto the floor, and he was standing in it like a mysterious god, sipping his beer and nodding his head to the music. He had olive skin, a slick undercut, and scruff all around his face.

I’m normally a timid guy, but I saw him, standing there while wagging his head to the music, and I wanted to talk to him. I’m lying. I wanted to do more than talk to him. I inched toward him…

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