TOYS – Santino Prinzi


(C) 2017, Santino Prinzi

Last week, Mum’s friend Tanya tried to pry my old Barbie from my hands.

“You shouldn’t be playing with that.”

But I didn’t let go.

The same thing happened at school during show-and-tell; Mrs Smyles told me I was supposed to bring in one of my toys and not my sister’s, and I said that I didn’t have a sister. She took away my Barbie, but Mum got it back for me when she collected me at home time. Mum made me wait outside the headmaster’s office while she yelled at him a lot.

“What are you doIng?”

Mum walked into the living-room, her eyes-wide and eyebrows raised high. She looked at Tanya the way she looks at me when I’ve done something naughty.

Tanya gave my Barbie another hard tug. My Barbie’s arm snapped out of its socket and I fell down. My Barbie and…

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