Majorca Flats 604


0.4 calibre M & P Smith & Wesson

Victoria Police Smith and Wesson Semi-automatic

The road wound through native forest then crested a rise, with the verges on either side of the road clear of trees.  From the rise you could see down to the Camel’s Hump car park/campsite, which was where Cody had been taken before.  Just before he got to the rise, Colin slowed the car, and he crested the rise doing perhaps 30 k’s per hour.  The little brick-red Toyota was there, and the driver’s door was just opening.  Colin floored the accelerator and the big car surged down the road.  Within at most ten seconds he was swinging right, off the tarmac onto the gravel parking area.  There were no other cars there, he was glad to see.  He drove right up to the Toyota and skidded to a halt on the driver’s side.  In another few seconds he was out of the car, and had drawn his pistol.  He steadied his aim by resting his right hand with the pistol on the roof of the car.


The Killer was standing at the front of the car, with his gun covering the other two men.  Luigi was closer to him, Cody a few feet further away.


“Drop the gun!” ordered Colin, aiming his own weapon at the Killer.


He saw the Killer hesitate, and then start to lift his gun, preparing to fire.


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Episodes 1 to 500

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