Majorca Flats 609

view along the road to The Cross, Mt Macedon


Keith had kept his accelerator floored all the way up the mountain.  The heavy car skidded round the twisty curves of the road.


“It’s just ahead,” said Keith.  “We’re nearly there.”


No one wondered aloud whether they had come to the right place or whether Cody and Luigi were still alive.  They all knew what the others were thinking.  To talk about it would make the risks seem real, somehow.


Keith slowed down to take the turn onto the road to the Cross.  Then he crested the rise and they saw Luigi’s red Corolla and two police cars in the carpark.  Keith turned into the carpark and then they saw Cody on the ground and Luigi sitting next to him, holding his hands.  They bolted out of the car and ran across.  As they did so, two more police cars came at high speed over the rise.


“We were so worried …. we didn’t think we’d make it  … thank God you’re not dead …. What happened to the Killer? … he shot Cody in the shoulder ….you’re OK …”  They all spoke simultaneously.


“You OK, gayboy?” asked Jason, taking both Luigi’s hands in his.


Luigi nodded.  He threw his arms around Jason.  Jason hugged him tightly.  Jason knelt down to join the others round Cody.  Esmé was holding one of Cody’s hands, and Keith was stroking his hair.  Jason took Cody’s other hand.  “It’s over,” he said.  “You’re safe now.  You’re with friends.”


But Cody was unconscious.


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