Majorca Flats 610

victoria police helicopter


The noise of the police chopper rose in a crescendo.  It landed on the tarmac of the road.  Two more police cars arrived, and the policemen in them got out and came over to have a look at Cody.  They spoke urgently into their radios.  Two more police, one a man and one a woman, scurried out from under the whap whap of the helicopter’s rotor, and ran over to look at Cody, lying insensible on the ground.


One of them assessed the group and selected Keith as the spokesman.


“We’ll take him to the Royal Melbourne. Are you his friends?  Can one of you come with him?”


Luigi nodded.


“Better give us your car keys, Lou,”  said Esmé.  We’ll drive the car back.


“We might need the car for forensics,” said one of the other policemen.


“Oh.  All right.”


Colin came loping out of the trees.   The other policemen turned to look at him.


Colin shook his head, panting a little.


“He got away?” they asked.  Luigi looked terrified.


“No.”  Colin waited a second or two then he said quietly, “He jumped.  We’ll need to get together a team of mountain climbers to get him out.  He’s on the rocks halfway down the cliff face.  He might still be alive, but I doubt it.”


The two police from the helicopter had brought out a stretcher.  The slid it under Cody and strapped him to it, then carried him over to the aircraft.  Luigi handed his car keys over to Esmé, and trotted after them.


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