Bisexual Dolphins

Researchers have observed a large group of dolphins engaging in “bisexual” acts off the coast on Western Australia.

The Mandurah Dolphin Research Project, which spotted the dolphins in the Shark Bay area, wants to know why male bottlenose dolphins are so prone to having gay sex, according to Advocate.

“Apart from homosexual behaviour, males, unlike females, in Shark Bay have also been recorded to perform synchronous displays,” said Krista Nicholson from Murdoch University.
“In Shark Bay, where male dolphins form lifelong alliances, socio-sexual interactions between males are more common than between females or between the sexes.”

Researchers think the homosexual activity serves to bond the male dolphins and possibly to prepare them for courtship with females.

From Star Observer

I believe that the need to bond potentially aggressive men within a hunter-gatherer group  is a key reason for human homosexuality and bisexuality.  I’ll repost a couple of my thought pieces from my Blogger page here in a couple of days discussing this.


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