Majorca Flats 614


royal melbourne hospital helipadThere were paramedics waiting at the helipad with a patient trolley.  The paramedics and the police lifted Cody carefully out of the helicopter and slid him and the stretcher onto the trolley.  His face was chalk white.  Luigi thanked the policeman and policewoman and jogged after the paramedics as they wheeled the trolley down the ramp into the hospital.  They took Cody straight to the emergency examination room, bypassing the queues in the waiting room.


He was attached to a series of monitors and put on a drip.


“Are you his next of kin?” asked the admittance nurse.


“Yes.  He’s my partner.”  Luigi thought about telling them about Philippa, Cody’s wife.  But she’d thrown Cody out of their house when she’d learnt that he was picking up guys.  Luigi couldn’t blame her.  He himself had dumped Cody when he’d discovered that Cody had been lying to him about Philippa.  He could understand her anger.  But Cody didn’t need that now.  He would ask Cody later if he wanted to call Philippa.  He didn’t think there was anything hidden between Cody and himself any more.  They had been to the depths of despair together.  They were tied now by more than sex or affection: shared suffering and experience linked them too, now.


Thinking about it, Luigi wasn’t sure this was an improvement.


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