Majorca Flats 615

royal melbourne hospital

In a few minutes, they came and took Cody away for x-rays.  Luigi wasn’t permitted to go with them.  He waited on the shabby plastic chair, with his eyes fixed on the floor, his thoughts far away.  The threat from the Killer had been such a large part of his and Cody’s life together for what seemed like forever, even though it was just a couple of weeks.  They had survived so far, but he was filled with a fever of fear that something might still go wrong with Cody.  Even here in the hospital.  He looked at his watch.  Incredibly, it was only a few minutes before eight a.m..  It seemed hours since he’d seen the shadowy figure on the flat’s walkway.


His phone rang.  A nurse came through and frowned at him.


“You must turn the phone off in emergency or ICU.  You can take calls out there!” she said, gesturing to the large waiting room through the swing doors at the end of the corridor.


“Sorry,” muttered Luigi, getting up and striding off towards the doors.


It was Jason.  “Where are ya?  Where did they take ya to?”


“The Royal Melbourne.  I’m in the emergency area.  They’ve taken Cody through for x-rays.”


“Did they say anythin’?”




“Oh. Have ya had breakfast?”


“No.  Not yet.”


“Have some.  It’ll make you feel better. We’ve just had some in Gisborne.  A man marches on a full stomach.  Look at mey!”


Despite himself, Luigi smiled.  “OK,” he said.  “I’ll get some.”


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