Majorca Flats, 616

When Luigi got back to “their” cubicle, Cody was back.  He was still unconscious.  A male nurse was looking for Luigi.


“You’re his partner, aren’t you?”


Luigi nodded.


“Do you know, has he had anything to eat or drink in the last few hours?”


“We had supper last night, and hot chocolate before bed.  He might have had a drink of water in the night.  But we’ve had nothing since 4.30 or 5 a.m., when the Killer came to our flat.”


The nurse gave him a sharp look.  “Have you spoken to anybody about what happened?”


“Spoken to somebody?—oh, you mean a counsellor?  No.  I don’t need to, not yet.”  In fact, the idea repelled him.


“Don’t leave it too long.  These things have a habit of coming back to bite you on the bum.”


Luigi nodded.  “Yes.  But my friend will have a much worse problem because he was abducted by the Killer a couple of weeks ago, and tortured, so this is his second time.  He’s going to need a lot of help to … survive.”


The nurse put his hand on Luigi’s shoulder.  “Get help,” he said.  “There’s nothing weak about that.  It makes sense.  You and your bloke will need each other over the next few weeks.”


“I know”.  Luigi smiled, hoping the man would go away and leave him alone.


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