Majorca Flats, 621

When they reached ICU, only Luigi was allowed to stay.

“You guys go,” said Luigi.  “I’ll ring you if anything happens.”

They agreed that would be best.

“Oh, before I forget, here’re your car keys,” said Esmé.  “And the carpark ticket.  The car’s parked on the bottom floor of the underground parking garage in the corner furthest from the entrance to the hospital.”

“Oh, Esmé, thank you for driving it home!  I was wondering how to get it.”

“D’ya naid any money?” asked Keith, pulling his wallet out of his jeans back pocket.

“Nah.  Thanks.  I always take my wallet by habit, so I did this morning.”

They all looked at each other, thinking of what might have happened.

“Will you be all right?”  Jason was looking at him with concern.

“Yes, straightboy, I will.”  Luigi smiled and then they all hugged again.

He watched them leave, and then went into the ICU unit.  Cody wasn’t back from the operating theatre yet.  They gave him a plastic chair and told him which of the glass-walled cubicles Cody would be brought to.  He sat down, turned off his mobile, and prepared to wait.



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