Majorca Flats 625

Keith dropped Esmé off outside her house.  He gave her a kiss at which Jason said, “Me too!” with a grin, before kissing her enthusiastically. He got into the front seat on the passenger side before Keith pulled away, and they both waved wildly as the car headed down the street.  She watched until the car turned the corner, and went inside.  Her head was filled with memories of the night before, of making love to two men, and her heart was filled with the knowledge that they loved her and she them, not with the insane, unpredictable love which comes with falling in love but with the more thought-out love that comes with profound liking.  When you combine it with sex.  Good sex.  Friends with benefits.  Real friends.  And real benefits too.  She was smiling as she went inside.

She could hear Luke in the kitchen, rattling crockery.  She went through to the back.

“Lover boy again?” he asked, putting on the kettle without being asked.

“Two,” she replied.

“Too what?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Two lovers!” she returned, smiling.  His response was everything she could have wished for.

“Fuck me!” he exclaimed, gaping at her.  “OK.  Tell auntie everything.”

“Jason and Keith.”

“I won’t ask whether it was good.  No wonder you look tired.”

“Oh, no, that was Luigi and Cody.  They were abducted by the Mt Macedon killer at the crack of dawn.”

“Oh my God!”

“So we raced off to Macedon and then the killer jumped to his death before we got there and Cody was shot trying to save both their lives.  We’ve just come back from the hospital.”

“Will he be all right?”

“I think so.  I’ll phone Keith later to get the news.”



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