Majorca Flats 626

She told Luke the story about the Mt Macedon killer while the kettle boiled.  They sat down at the kitchen table as they usually did while the tea steeped, and looked at each thoughtfully, both thinking about the killer and how close things had come to a very different ending.  At last, Luke smiled wryly as they sipped their tea.

“So.  Two guys together, huh?”

“Well. Not exactly together.  One after the other.”

“That is so incredibly hot.  What’ve you got that I haven’t?  No, don’t answer that.”

Esmé was suddenly visited by a brainwave.  She wondered if she could connect Luke up with Tom.

“What?” asked Luke, nervously, looking at her.

“I’ve had an idea,” she said.

“Oh, no! Your ideas always end in disaster!”

“They do not!” replied Esmé crossly.  “What utter nonsense.”

“What is it, then?”

“Huh.  Since it’s going to be a disaster, I’m not telling you.”

“Aw, c’mon Ezz.  You know how I’ll worry!”

“It’ll be good.  I promise.”

But after, she had second thoughts.  She wondered whether it would be a good idea.  Luke needed to be loved.  And despite what Keith had said about Tom, he wasn’t really that well known to her.  She’d met him at The Lord Grey a few times, but he wasn’t a friend.  She could trust Keith.  And Jason.  But would Tom be kind to Luke?  And did Luke need kindness or just a good fuck?

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