I started writing gay-shaded stories because I didn’t want anybody else to go through what I did when I was growing up and finding out about myself.  And here I am.  Five (almost) finished novels, another four half done.  Lots of short stories, an editor of the gay-shaded e-zine Wilde Oats,  involved in the gay-shaded writing community.  Who woulda thunk?

7 thoughts on “About

  1. At last! Now I know where to come when I need my fix of gay soft porn. I have never seen so many waxed chests…

    Thanks for following my blog, perhaps I could contribute to Wilde Oats at some point – fiction, poetry, commentary, whatever. You can call it the straight edge. ; )


  2. LOL! We actually have had some subs from straight blokes, but they have been gay-ish stories. Oddly enough three of the male editors have been or are still married (to women.) The labels are too limiting to encompass all the variety of human sexuality. We have a superb article for the next issue about just this. Intriguing, and for many, confronting. Anyway, enjoy these impossibly buff beauties. Real life is less …polished!


  3. I’m impressed by you, Nick … a lot … you have the touch, and you are so right about labels being limiting, and yet (bear with me) labels give us freedom. Labels are the fences behind which we can sunbathe nude and go into a bar and know we won’t be hit by Motorcycle Mamas. Human sexuality is rather simpler I think that we make it out to be … for gays, I think it’s just a spectrum between bottom and top (and 100% bottom, though apparently I don’t look it … who knew?) and the rest is just the same anxiety and angst that we bring to the coffee make every morning. Well … real life is a lot less polished, but it is NOT less polished than my mother’s Upper East Apartment !


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