In the morning, Adam woke with a start, from a dream where he was in the motel in Sale and he and Tom were making passionate love.  He was sporting a massive hard-on.  He lay quietly against Tom, wishing the other man was awake.

Tom turned over.  “G’morning,” he said, his eyes alight.

“Mornin’, handsome.”

“It would be a pity to waste this,” said Tom, grinning, his hand on Adam’s cock, but his eyes fixed on Adam’s eyes.

“Waste not, want not,” Adam intoned.  Bugger this business of second dates.

Tom took him in his arms.  “So handsome,” he said, his eyes intent.  “I love you so much, Adam.”  And then he kissed him.  Morning  breath.  Garlic.  But Adam didn’t mind.  He could feel Tom’s erection against his leg.  He nibbled Tom’s jaw line, and started to trace a line down his neck to his nipple.  He took Tom’s cock in his hand, and began to stroke it.  “Come to think of it,” Adam said, between kisses and nibbles, “we’re way beyond the hundredth date.  You can,” and he nipped one of Tom’s nipples, “buy me,” and he bit the other nipple, “some chocolates,” and he kissed Tom’s stomach, “later.  Much later. And take me to a candlelit dinner.”

When Tom groaned in ecstasy, and squirted jism all over his stomach, Adam licked it off him, and kissed him, with Tom’s come still rich and savory in his mouth.

“I love you, Thomas Milton Siedentrop,” he said, between kisses.

Tom gave him such a tight hug that Adam was afraid his ribs would crack.  “I love you too, Adam Weatherby Hopkinson.”  And he snugged his hand round Adam’s cock, and began to gently massage it.

“How did you know my second name?”  asked Adam, in wonderment, as he accommodated himself to the warm, gentle paw that caressed him.

“I’m clairvoyant. “ He grinned.  “It’s in your driving licence, you nong.  I saw it when you dropped your wallet that time.”  And then he closed Adam’s mouth in the simplest possible way, by kissing it, his lips warm and silky soft, his tongue thick, mobile and solid.  Then his hand with its elegant guitarist’s fingers stroked Adam to climax.

Afterwards, they lay arm-in-arm, Adam’s head resting on Tom’s chest, listening to the regular, reassuring thump of Tom’s heart.

“Well, was it such a shock?”  Adam didn’t look at Tom, but with his hand he stroked Tom’s arm and the sleek steel muscles of his stomach.

“Why would it be a shock?”

“Your first time with a bloke.”

“Oh, that.”  The rumble of Tom’s laugh sounded subterranean in Adam’s ear.  “When you’ve given your heart, what does your body matter?  But if you must know, it was lovely.  Can we do it again?”

They did, and went for a swim, after.  They didn’t have any swimwear, so they walked down to the beach wearing just their jeans.  On the beach there was no one else.  They ran naked into the sea, whooping at the morning chill.

“I suppose,” said Tom, as they lay in the sun afterwards, their jeans next to them in case somebody did pass by, “I’d better get in touch with the office, and find out whether they’ve sacked me, too.”

“I’m sorry,” said Adam, suddenly struck by all the likely consequences of their love.

“Why?” asked Tom, interested.

“You’ll lose your job because of me.”

Tom shrugged.  “I didn’t in reality know what I was doing, anyway.  I expect I’ll find something else.  Anyway, it was worth it.  Maybe I could help you start up your own firm.  We’ll think of something.”

There was no one else on the beach.  They turned over to warm their backs in the sun.  Adam looked at Tom’s perfectly curved, muscular butt, the secretive cleft with its flash of white.  “Nice butt, Tom.  I’d like to get more intimately acquainted with it.”

“Stop it!” growled Tom.  “You’re giving me a woody.”

“Jeez, Tom, you’re insatiable.”

Tom could hear the smile in Adam’s voice.  He felt entirely happy.  “I love you so much, Ads.  Every time I see you I want to eat you up.”

Adam wondered what all Tom’s macho friends would think of this tender, loving, romantic Siedentrop.  Then he remembered that Tom didn’t have any friends, that he was probably Tom’s only friend.  He leaned over and gently bit Tom’s left buttock.  He tasted salt and a powdery dusting of sea sand.

Tom yelped softly, and turned to look at him.  “That isn’t helping, you know.”

“I know,” said Adam, leaning over to kiss the back of Tom’s neck.  “What say you, we go back to the cottage?  Then I can bite the other one, too.”

They didn’t bother to put on their jeans.  There was only a man and his dog, far off, indistinct in the salt haze drifting off the sea.  As Tom climbed the path in front of him through the ti-trees, Adam admired the play of muscles under the skin in Tom’s buttocks and thighs.  The sight made him rock hard.  As soon as they were inside the house, they dumped the jeans on the floor and began to kiss.  They walked through to the bedroom, still kissing.

“I want you to root me,” said Tom.

“Not without a condom,” replied Adam firmly.

Tom smiled, and reached for his leather jacket which was hanging over a nearby chair.  He retrieved a packet of condoms and a tube of lube from a pocket, and handed them to Adam, smiling triumphantly.

Adam looked at him, astounded.  “Where…  ?  How…  ?  Tom, don’t tell me you went into a supermarket and bought these!  You were very hopeful!”

Tom smiled at him, his eyes crinkling in the corners, the love in them shining like the full moon on an outback night.  “Worse.  I bought them in a chemist in Sale.  I was going to make you root me by hook or by crook.  I wanted you to accept that I love you.”

“You dumb nong.  Letting me drill you will prove that you love me?”  Adam was inordinately moved.

“Yeah.  It was the only barrier left.  I loved you with my heart and my mind.  I wanted to love you with my body too, in the profoundest way I could.  I know it hurts to do it, but it seemed right – I wanted you to fuck me.”

“It doesn’t hurt, actually.  If you’re careful.  And it rubs something inside you that can make it incredibly sexy.  But, Tom, you don’t have to do anything to prove you love me.”

“Yes, I do.  I’ve known you loved me and I loved you, without admitting it, for ages.  Now I want to prove it to you.  You’ve known that you loved me for weeks, haven’t you?”

“Since I saw you in that thong at the gym.” Adam was only half joking.

“So, I want to keep you.  I want to make you mine, Adam Weatherby Hopkinson.  If that doesn’t convince you – how about this?  At the chemist’s shop, the assistant knew who I was, and must have known about you and me, and it had to have been obvious why I was buying extra-strength cock-jackets and a tube of lube.  She knew, Ads.  I could see it in her face.  That took courage, I can tell you.”  Tom grinned at Adam, self-deprecating.

They were no longer hard, but as they lay on their sides on the bed, face-to-face, they continued to stroke and caress each other’s bodies, overcome with love, with the need to express with their hands what they felt in their hearts.

“You don’t have to convince me of your courage, Tom.  I know it.  And I know what you’re doing for me.  But you’ve faced a whole footy team of hostile opposing players.  Surely that was scarier than your first purchase of jackets and lube?”

“No, believe me, she was much worse.  Much more embarrassing!  Reminded me of Miss McArthur from primary school.  Wooo!”  He shook his head like a dog.

“Tom, it’s going to get worse.”  Adam wanted to make sure Tom knew exactly what he was getting into.  Tom had no experience of being gay, of being a despised outsider.  Adam didn’t want Tom to regret what was about to happen.  “You’re going to lose your job, you’re going to be reviled and spat at.  You’ll be hated from Low Church to High Church – from the Reverend Bile to Cardinal Schnell.  Your betrayal of the cause will be worse because you are so famous, such an icon.  They won’t forgive you.”

“Doesn’t matter, Ads.  None of that matters.  Only you matter to me now – the two of us, our relationship.  I love you so much.  The night before last I lay in bed thinking about you, convinced you were dead.  I couldn’t have borne that.”

“I didn’t seriously think of doing that.  Well, not for long.  I was shattered, I admit.  But I started to hope.  I’m such a wanker.  Life kicks me in the scrottles, and I cry for five minutes, then I get up and start looking forward to things getting better again.”

“You’re my hero, Ads.  Truly.  Brave and defiant and somehow, despite having no one to love you, still upbeat and happy.  Those days are over, my love.  Now you have me.  You’ll be happy with me.  I promise.”  Tom smiled at him, and ruffled his hair.  “Now, we going to waste my brave defiance of country custom, buying cock-jackets and lube and not do anything?”  His hands started to move more purposefully over Adam’s body.

As answer, Adam kissed him.  Tom had never been kissed like that before.  He found the combination of lips and teeth and tongue and soft warm breath unbearably erotic and arousing.  Adam’s maleness turned him on.  Adam moved his mouth down to Tom’s nipple and nipped it, then moved still lower and took Tom’s cock in his mouth, and sucked on it, his warm tongue swirling round it, sending shock waves of bliss through Tom’s groin.  They were both rock hard again.  Adam took the lube and squirted some on his hand, and with his finger massaged Tom’s ring.  He slid his index finger deep into Tom’s butt and rubbed his prostate.

“Nice, huh?” he said with a grin as Tom arched his back in pleasure.  Adam tore the wrapper off the condom, and rolled it down onto his own cock.  He pulled his finger out of Tom’s opening, squeezed some more lube onto his hand and lubed Tom up, before slathering the rest on himself.

“Turn sideways,” he murmured, his hazel eyes dark with desire.  He spooned up against Tom’s muscled bum and back.  He took hold of Tom’s dick in his hand, and then pressed his own into Tom’s cleft.  He pressed the blunt head of his cock against Tom’s ring.

“If it hurts, tell me.  I’ll stop.”

Tom grunted.

Stroking Tom with one hand, Adam pushed his rigid cock a fraction into Tom’s tight arsehole and felt it start to open.  He pulled out and then pushed in again.  This time he penetrated a little deeper. He sensed the butt-hole slowly stretch a little more with each thrust.  On the eighth or ninth stroke, he felt it give.  Adam slid gently deep into Tom.  He was inside his beloved.  He was fucking the man he’d once thought irredeemably straight.  He found it so exciting that he almost came right then.

He stopped for a couple of minutes for Tom to get used to the feeling, and to prevent himself being precipitate.  Tom was obviously OK with it – more than OK.  His cock was still rigid.

Tom had felt a quick flash of discomfort, not pain, which slowly abated, and then a tremendous fat fullness inside him.  It was intensely erotic.  Then he felt Adam begin to push further in, deeper and deeper.  Adam took Tom’s hand, and pulled it over till he could feel how Adam’s dick was right up his arse, Adam’s groin snug against his body.

“You like that, huh?” Adam asked, his breathing rough and his voice husky.  Tom didn’t answer in words.  He merely growled with desire and pushed his rump backwards into Adam’s groin, the twingeing discomfort and the even greater pleasure turning his thoughts to mush, leaving only one overriding all-encompassing desire.

Then Adam began to move his shaft gently in and out.  Each stroke sent a flutter of pleasure through Tom’s body.  Adam would thrust into him and then give a small twist at the end of each push.  Every time he did this, Tom would shiver with ecstasy as a wave of delight radiated out from his butt and his groin.  At each stroke, Adam would work Tom’s cock with his lubed-up fist.  Tom revelled in the dual pleasures from his massaged sweet spot and his dick, trembling with rapture as both sensations took him closer to orgasm.

Adam tried hard not to rush, struggling not to hurt.  He angled his body so that he touched Tom’s prostate with each stroke.  He wanted Tom’s first time to be memorable and extraordinary.

Tom was shivering with eagerness, as each push by Adam sent washes of a perfect sensation through him.  He started to ram his butt back with each of Adam’s thrusts, to take him deeper, and each time, his own pleasure augmented.  Tom revelled in the astonishing combination of rapture and fullness that moved out from his ring in seismic waves through his body.  He was possessed, he was Adam’s vessel, he wanted to be used, to be hurt even, to be pleasured, to be filled, to be taken completely.  The packed fatness and length inside him felt satisfying and perfect and wholly right.

A few moments after Tom shuddered and cried out and squirted his jism over Adam’s hand and the bed, his arse and his cock aflame with pleasure, he felt Adam, impossibly, thicken even more inside him, and then Adam was convulsing and groaning against his back, his mouth and nose pressed against Tom’s deltoids.

They slumped against each other, Adam’s head against the cushioned muscle of Tom’s back.

“Did I hurt you?” asked Adam when he could speak.

“No.  Not really.  Well, yes.  It’s a bit sore.  But it’s a sexy pain.  Jeez, Adam, it was sensational.  I just didn’t know that doing that was so stunning, so amazing.”

“It’s good isn’t it?”  Adam was leaning on his elbow, admiring Tom’s body.  He smiled with joy at him.  “But d’you know what makes it so outstanding?  It’s that we love each other.  I’ve had one night stands – I’m not saying they weren’t erotic and hot – but they weren’t anything like that.  That was the best I’ve ever had, Tom, my friend, my love, my darling.  Nice to know that you aren’t only a great friend, a lovely guy, but also a sensational fuck.”

“I like it when you talk dirty, Ads.”  Then Tom smiled, his joy colouring his face, relaxing his body into lassitude.  “I love you so much, mate.  It was the best I’ve had, as well.”

Adam clouted Tom lightly round his head.  “It’s the first you’ve had, you dill.”

Tom smiled at him.  “I meant the best I’ve ever had, with anybody.  The absolute total utter best.”  He was lying face up, open and vulnerable, his arms crossed behind his head, his cock slack, snail trails of semen and lube across the knotted muscles of his stomach.

Adam couldn’t speak.  He just kissed Tom again, gently.

Tom reached over and pulled him into his arms.  Adam could hear the deep rumble of his voice in his chest as he said, “I’m so happy, Ads.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy, so fulfilled, so satisfied.”  He cradled Adam’s head against his chest.

After a while, he said “I suppose we’d better go back and face the music.  Journos and cameras and new jobs and all.  But I reckon we can come back next weekend, and take a long break, just the two of us, and fuck every morning and every night and maybe after lunch too.”

Adam kissed his chest, the thick thatch of straw tickling his lips.  “Sounds perfect.  Let’s go shower,” he said.  “Tonight you can do me.  And after that, I can do you again.”

The shower was a bit crowded for two, but they shared it anyway.  They washed each other, enjoying the feel of each other’s hands on their bodies.  They washed their thongs by hand, Tom commenting on how little there was to wash and how easy it made it.  They put them on damp, dried themselves off and pulled on their jeans and t-shirts.  There was no deodorant and no toothbrushes, and they resigned themselves to smelling less than pristine.  Adam liked the sharp acrid odor of Tom’s sweat on his t-shirt.  They stripped the bed, and bundled the sheets into the dirty-washing hamper.  The towels they draped over the wash-basket to dry.

They got back to the flat at about eight that night.  They’d been there only a moment when the phone began to ring.  Tom made the mistake of picking it up.

It was a born-again.  “You will roast in hell for your sodomy.”  The loony at the other end was shouting so loudly even Adam could hear it.

“Fuck off, you mental cunt,” said Tom calmly.  He unplugged the phone from the wall.  “Tomorrow we get an unlisted number.”

“You could just pack it in, and go out and find a chick to marry,” Adam said.

“Fuck that,” said Tom.  “No better, fuck you.  As in, I want to.”

He hugged Adam, and then undid the buttons on Adam’s jeans even as he plundered Adam’s mouth, his lips clever and fervent, his tongue insistent.  Taking Adam’s hand, he led him over to the bed.  When they were down to their thongs, he pulled Adam onto the bed, still kissing him on his lips, his nipples, his stomach, nibbling his chin, his nose, blowing warm breath on his eyes and neck and groin.  They were both as hard as if they hadn’t had sex for weeks, instead of several times only a few hours ago.  In complete silence broken only by their ragged breathing, they pulled off each other’s thongs.

Adam kissed Tom back fiercely, wanting to eat him but confining himself to nipping a line from Tom’s nipples to his groin.  He straddled Tom, and rolled a cock-jacket onto Tom’s cock.  He spread lubricant on it, caressing and rubbing it while Tom squirmed with lust.  Then, never letting his eyes leave Tom’s face, he slicked up his own butt-hole and impaled himself slowly onto Tom.  Tom gasped with satisfaction, his blue eyes dark with desire.  Adam began to move slowly up and down.  He leaned back a little to improve the angle of Tom’s entry, and felt a burst of ice and fire inside himself as Tom’s tool stroked his sweet spot.  Tom raised his knees so that Adam had something to lean against.

They took it long and slow, and let the exquisite sensations build gently until the pleasure was nearly unbearable.  At last Adam groaned and shot over Tom’s stomach.  The rhythmic clenching of his ring as he came was enough to push Tom over the edge too.  As their breathing and heartbeats slowed to normal, Tom said, “Come down here.  I’m lonely.”  And he pulled Adam down into his arms and kissed him tenderly on his forehead.  “I love you Ads.”

“You’re special to me too, Tom. You may have noticed.”  Tom tightened his arms around Adam with a soft growl.  They lay in each other’s arms in the semi-dark, the orange glow of the street lamps striping the bed, occasionally kissing again, caressing each other’s arms and chest and faces until they fell asleep.  Old Foss dozed at the end of the bed, purring in ecstasy.  She always knew when Adam was happy.

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© Nikolaos Thiwerspoon, 2015.  All rights reserved.

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