TOYS – Santino Prinzi

Gay Flash Fiction

(C) 2017, Santino Prinzi

Last week, Mum’s friend Tanya tried to pry my old Barbie from my hands.

“You shouldn’t be playing with that.”

But I didn’t let go.

The same thing happened at school during show-and-tell; Mrs Smyles told me I was supposed to bring in one of my toys and not my sister’s, and I said that I didn’t have a sister. She took away my Barbie, but Mum got it back for me when she collected me at home time. Mum made me wait outside the headmaster’s office while she yelled at him a lot.

“What are you doIng?”

Mum walked into the living-room, her eyes-wide and eyebrows raised high. She looked at Tanya the way she looks at me when I’ve done something naughty.

Tanya gave my Barbie another hard tug. My Barbie’s arm snapped out of its socket and I fell down. My Barbie and…

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In Cecenia sono tutti maschi 

Ribelle di Urano

E’ la storia che ritorna, quella che in tanti non conoscono e che citano spesso a sproposito. La storia di una persecuzione fatta di arresti, torture, violenze sistematiche, campi di concentramento. Le notizie che giungono dalla Cecenia sulla violenza alle persone omosessuali ci riportano al periodo fascista, così dannatamente simile nell’avversione e nella stupida convinzione che l’omosessualità si possa estirpare.

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THE PERFECT GUY – by V.S.Santoni

Gay Flash Fiction

(c) 2017, V.S.Santoni.

  Okay, I’ll admit it. I had a few drinks; I’m never that brave unless I have at least a couple. Well, anyway, I was sitting at the bar while the band was playing this slow, dreamy song, and then I saw him. Now, I’ve seen a lot of good looking guys, even dated a few, but this one– he was gorgeous. The mist from the fog machine was seeping out onto the floor, and he was standing in it like a mysterious god, sipping his beer and nodding his head to the music. He had olive skin, a slick undercut, and scruff all around his face.

I’m normally a timid guy, but I saw him, standing there while wagging his head to the music, and I wanted to talk to him. I’m lying. I wanted to do more than talk to him. I inched toward him…

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Vidyut Jamwal, actor in Bollywood

Here is the third part of the  response to the request of  the blog’s viewers who like to see  more  Indian Hunks , they are still 34% to express this will.

The post will share more about the gaylife in India throughout the interview of Parmesh Shahani, and for the rest the post will propose a lot of new Indian Hunks pictures .

Indian Hunks

For the ones who would like to read the two first parts of Parmesh Shahani interview they have just to check at the end of the post and click on the proposed links.

The interview with Parmesh Shahani which was first published in the Henry Jenkins ‘ blog in 2008. (source:Confessions of an Aca-Fan).

Sexy Inder Bajwa, Indian Hunk


Question: How are shifts in the status of gay…

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Five stars or none: my review ratings explained.



I thought I’d better post this before it’s time for my March reviews (coming soon, of course).

Whilst sharing my monthly reviews with you I’ve been wondering what makes me really love some books. I often read books, even those written by friends, which are fine – no criticism – but which don’t attract my five star rating. Not because they’re badly written. Not because there’s anything wrong with them. Because they aren’t exactly right for me. So what is?

To begin with, my five star book has to have impeccable grammar. If the writer uses things like fragmented sentences they have to know what they’re doing and break the rules carefully, showing quite clearly that they know the rules in the first place and are breaking them for special effects. I can easily be ‘thrown’ by dangling participles for example, though I usually have no objection to prepositions…

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From Eternity To Here

Because this issue is not going away, I thought I’d put my testimony against HB609 on the internet so that people could see it, read it and think about it:

March 23, 2017

My name is Greg Smith. I am a fourth generation Montanan, born in Butte and raised in the Ruby Valley. I am a licensed Mental Health counselor specializing in LGBTQ issues, and I’ve been a priest for almost 26 years.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences as a pastor and as a psychologist.

I’m one of those Christians that believe causing pain and suffering to anyone is sinful. Jesus was very clear on the matter “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke10.27) Some of my clergy colleagues…

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The male form in a different way

This post is a collection of pictures which I believe are different from the usual hunks pictures you find on the blogs dedicated to men (including this one !).

I found the pose either unexpected or bringing new attitude from the mode sl, but beside that I still find them very attractive, I mean the model as well as his attitude. Don’t hesitate to comment and say if you like this different way of showing men.

The male form in a different way

The male form in a different way

The male form in a different way

The male form in a different way

The male form in a different way

The male form in a different way

The male form in a different way

The male form in a different way

The male form in a different way

The male form in…

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