Beaut architecture

You cannot–CANNOT–tell me that modern architecture is more beautiful than this.    Look at the perfect proportions of the doors onto the balconies.  Look at the balcony railings.  And the corbels supporting the balconies.  The sweet curve of the building’s front.  The exquisite pale tan of its stonework, contrasting so satisfyingly with the dark grey of the leads.

And it’s surrounded by other beautiful buildings like that.  All roughly the same height.  All proportional.  All symmetrical.  A human scale.  No grotesque monoliths so large old ladies get swept away by the wind tunnels the skyscrapers create.   No buildings shouting noisily like badly-behaved toddlers, “mummy look at me”,  as happens so rottenly with modern architecture which is all about ego and showing off.

Elegant, stylish (not at all the same as fashionable), tasteful.  Perfect.

Paris corner building