Longevity of a relationship. How I see it.



Let’s face it – being with someone takes time, energy and effort. Relationships don’t “just happen”, which is why most people consider them to be special in the first place.

If you are fortunate to have been in a longer term  relationship, you will at some point have the feeling that things are dull, too routine and not exiting enough.

Well that may be true however you have to always up your game, all the time.

Work is work, love is love:

We all need to work however sometimes we get obsessed with work and our careers. This could lead to the single life. Nobody deserves to play second to a career, or the pursuit of money and status. Yes we all have to work, just make time for your loved one.

Go on dates:

William and I have been together for over 12 years now. He was 19 when…

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Don’t Tell Gay People How To Mourn: Dominick Pupa

Suzie Speaks

imageDominick Pupa posted this in response to the recent and horrific Orlando shootings at Pulse nightclub, which thousands of people have liked and shared. Facebook deleted it, so I wanted to share this on the blog. It’s rare that I will make social commentary, but this is an incredible message…

Us gays.
We make you look prettier.
We dress you for your important occasions.
We polish up your neighborhoods until we get priced out of them.
We plan and attend your weddings even though you take vows to an entity that hates us.
We are involved in every movie you see.
We are involved in every TV show you watch.
We are involved in every song you listen to – even the homophobic ones.
We teach your children without having to tell you it’s us.
We protect your communities without having to tell you it’s us.
We nurse you back…

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