A Reason to Live — By Thomas Kearnes



Greg suggests we pool our money for a bottle of Mad Dog. He’s smiling, the left corner of his mouth out of sync. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for lopsided smiles. I look through my cache of old photos, there’s only one theme: the lopsided smile.

I visit him once a week, after the typing class at the junior college. I’m just a few months older than Greg but still trying to pull my life together. My mother gives me fifty dollars a week, which is just enough for cigarettes. I have a few bucks left for the rest of the week. Greg’s parents left him a little cash as well, at their last visit. I have no idea what they think he’s going to do with it. He’s trapped in this room with its antiseptic lace curtains and this funny smell.

Greg’s parents are no fools. They…

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Patchwork — by Duane Simolke


Callum leans back on the recliner as he drapes the patchwork quilt over his body. His fingers trace the images, the scenes that connect him to moments of his husband’s life.

He runs his fingers over the cluster of embroidered stars. This scene is the night they met, during a party, out on a friend’s balcony. Shivering, Callum turned to go back inside. He bumped into Jerome, dark-skinned and bearded, walking out. They apologized and talked for a moment, despite the cold. The moment kept going.

This busy pattern of lines and dots is Jerome supporting him during the college years, the exams, the dissertation defense, the sleepless nights. Way too many pepperoni pizzas. Jerome wanted pineapples on his side, “If you don’t mind.” Callum never minded any of Jerome’s quirks. They were part of a package deal, and he loved the package.

The alternating black and white squares are…

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An Oh-So Tired Christian

Kevin's Wild World

Dear Offended Christian,

I’m terribly sorry that your feelings are hurt again. I feel bad about that. None of us likes to be criticized, so I totally get it.

I know I’ve said some pretty hard words to you recently, and maybe I’ve been somewhat less than “cheery” in my delivery, but that happens when you’re tired.

And I am really tired:

I’m tired of hearing you telling gay people that they can’t simultaneously be both gay and Christian. helpeer

I’m tired of hearing whats “Transgender” means to adult Christian people, who I quite sure have Internet access and should know better by now that it isn’t “a guy in a dress”.

I’m tired of arrogant pulpit bullies who believe they’re entitled to tell people where they can pee and who they can marry and whether they really love Jesus or not.

I’m tired of you regularly dispensing damnation on the queer community…

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I have issues with advertising…


I have no objection to companies like Google advertising to me. If that’s their model for providing a free email service and all the rest of it, fine. I don’t need to click on the adverts. Ever so occasionally, I do, and have even been known to buy something. Similarly, I don’t mind seeing ads on friends’ posts and hope they don’t mind seeing them on mine. My LiveJournal is a permanent account which is ad-free. My Dreamwidth account is ad-free anyway. My WordPress account is free and may have advertising. I really don’t care. Facebook doesn’t bother me, either; I just scroll on by. I don’t mind having to wait till the end of an ad to access YouTube content.

However, I do have some serious issues with online advertising. My main problems occur on sites where I have paid for my content, like my daily online copy of…

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This post brings to you a bunch of nice and playful guys, so happy to be together. They are best friends or boyfriends, whatever they are sharing intense feelings being together!

Guys playing together

Guys playing together

Guys playing together

Guys playing together with a kiss

Guys playing together

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Guys playing together on the beach

Guys showering together

Guys playing together

Guys playing together on the beach

Guys happy together

He’s carrying his boyfriend home

Guys playing together on the beach

Guys playing together, I’ll bring you home my boy

Guys playing together for a splash

Guys playing together with their underwear

Guys together…

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Gay Kisses in Black and White

Here are these guys so happy together, so sweet, so cute. Love is love, and the black and white shots bring an additional romantic atmosphere .

Gay Kisses in Black and White

Gay Kisses in Black and White

Gay Kisses in Black and White

Gay Kisses in Black and White

Gay Kisses in Black and White

Gay Kisses in Black and White in Paris

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